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Free Careers Immersion Event -BSDO

Students should have received a link via email to the Career Immersion 2020 event being run by the British Sikh Doctors Organisation. This is an active community of Sikh professionals who also support with free careers events across a range of sectors. This year’s event includes careers talks with Natwest, Facebook, BT and the Civil Service. All students will need parental permission to take part, as under 18’s must have this prior to attending their sessions which take place on Zoom. Again, students will need to provide evidence of attendance to count towards their careers/work experience requirements. As their website is currently under construction, the links are on their Facebook page (see below). Please do have a look as events take place in mid to late October.

If a student is undertaking a work experience placement then they should have completed the Employer Agreement, Risk Assessment and Health & Safety forms. This should be completed before any placement is taken up.  If forms have not been completed and handed in then your child should take up the free virtual work experience opportunities sent to them. Please check links on this website for further details.


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