Year 6 into 7 Transition

A message from the Assistant Head teacher…

Hello and welcome to Seva School.

Each year at this time we are busily preparing for the arrival of new year 7 students, be it through primary school visits, tours, parental meetings, student interviews or the completion of Summer Challenge Booklets.  This year things look very different  Be that as it may, it remains our desire to ensure that each student joining us in September does so knowing that they have the full support of our staff and students.  Our school community will do its upmost to make sure that you settle in quickly and know from the outset that you are a valued member of our school family.

I am sure that it was a disappointment to have missed out on the chance to validate your hard work in preparing for your SATs.  However, these efforts will not go unrewarded.  The work ethic and responsibility you have shown to your studies will have prepared you well for the academic requirements of secondary school.  The skills that you refined through your lessons, interventions and independent learning will be put to work in each of our secondary subject areas.  You are ready for the step up.  Just as your primary school did, at Seva School we will support you to develop content knowledge, soft skill and character, to be happy and to fulfil your potential.  Across the long journey through secondary school we will prepare you for the next stage of your life.  Whilst thinking forward and preparing for your futures I would also hope that we have some fun on the way.

I am truly looking forward to meeting you all in September, and to what feels like a new beginning for us all. 

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Yours faithfully

Mr Morrin

Messages from our students

“I joined Seva School from another secondary school mid-year.  I found Seva School to be very welcoming.  As soon as I joined everyone was so friendly!  The lessons are enjoyable and everyone is kind.  The transition was very easy and I settled in quickly” Savannah, Year 7.

“I joined Seva School with 4 other pupils from Walsgrave Primary and was worried about the work and making new friends.  However, I found it to be a very nice, friendly school and I made lotes of new friends straight away”.  Priya, Year 9.

“I know you hear it everywhere but the move up to secondary school is easy.  You are trusted and it is lots of fun” Hartley, Year 7.

“I joined Seva School in January and was greeted by staff and pupils. Within a few days everyone knew my name and I felt very popular” Psalm, Year 7. 

Transition Video

Our Vision

Seva school will deliver excellent educational development through a framework that supports the wellbeing of all. This will be underpinned by the principles and teachings of the Sikh faith. We will adopt and instil the SEVA core principles:

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Virtues
  • Aspiration

Our School will provide an inspiring and stimulating learning environment, while fostering harmony between spirituality and secularity. We will seek to achieve the best morally, socially and intellectually in an ethos promoting tolerance and mutual understanding.

Seva School will develop and use a range of innovative and creative educational resources, including online materials which are children-friendly and incorporate a fusion of technology in teaching.

Our Year 6 SATs Support Project

Seva School pupils are very excited to be supporting year 6 students across Coventry whilst they prepare for their SATs. Our students are offering to create bespoke videos for all year 6 students submitting the form below and requesting topics to be explained. Help us to help you. Take control and feel more relaxed about the year ahead.
Watch the introductory video to better understand our project and watch the example of the type of content that will be created especially for you.
We look forward to receiving your requests and don’t forget the student whose requested video gains the most views will win a £50 voucher! Deadline for requests is 30th October 2020.

An video introduction to, and explanation of, our year 6 SATs support project

An example of the type of video content our students will produce looking at the very interesting Chinese Grid Method for multiplication.


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