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A recent BBC release referenced a group of dads in Coventry who created an exciting new children’s book about the Sikh religion and its traditions. The dad’s realised there weren’t many characters in children’s books who represented the Sikh faith which led them to this great initiative. IM 13 13 created a first of its kind, new book which will help combat racism and educate parents and children about the Sikh faith and culture. 

The My Gurus Adventure book is taking Sikh faith education into the mainstream with amazing illustrations as a backdrop for a beautiful story. It’s written to capture the attention of children and parents from all different backgrounds, making education and learning fun and interactive. To find out more, click here

Teachers here at Seva School have taken inspiration from this amazing work and are now proud to announce our partnership with the IM13 13 team. 

Our first joint initiative is a set of 6 lesson plans and a quiz related to the Gurus Song Adventure book. 

An example of the lesson plan is below. 

All lesson plan ideas include links to other subjects in the National Curriculum.

Lesson Plan Example

These resources now form part of our curriculum for RE and we believe this and future resources will help strengthen the diverse religious education provision within schools. The Gurus Song Adventure book and learning resources are available to purchase below. 


If you would like to find out more about this programme and the Sikh faith in general, please email Seva School at and include the following reference in the email subject: Seva/IM 13 13 – Primary Faith Lead.

The Gurus Song Adventure Book (with Lesson Pack & Quiz)

The Gurus Song Adventure Book with Lesson Pack & Quiz


Keep a look out for our upcoming plans with IM 13 13:


        The Guru’s Song Adventure 2 book with lesson packs

        Nursery rhyme/school anthem



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