Our Unique Features


Here are some of the unique features of Seva School that we would like to share with you.


  • A school based on the Sikh ethos and principles
  • An all-through school that is fully integrated at all stages
  • A longer school day that aims to give academic, moral, social and physical inspiration daily
  • An extended day with pre-catch up sessions and two twilight sessions that offer Sikh Studies and extra-curricular activities.
  • Personal study time to allow pupils to do homework in a stable school environment
  • An excellent relationship between the school and home which aims to create a consistent behaviour across both environments
  • Habits of minds are incorporated into programmes of study
  • ‘Math in Focus’ used through all Key Stages
  • Challenges are set that have to be completed in and out of school
  • A school that will tackle social issues head on with preventative methods along with services and support aimed at reducing the problems facing children in Coventry


  • Pre-classroom catch ups for those who are finding areas of the curriculum challenging
  • Saturday enrichment and extra-curricular offerings for all pupils
  • Extensive focus on the well-being of all children within the school