KS1 – KS4 Curriculum

The revised EYFS learning goals in Reception will be covered in a high expectation environment via a creative thematic approach to teaching children across the 17 learning goals in 3 Prime Learning Areas and 4 Specific Areas, covering the 3 characteristics of effective learning and with strong parental involvement in developing the profile. We will use a phonics based approach to teach reading as part of our programme to create free readers who read books for pleasure as well as purpose. We will use the EYFS Profile Handbook to help teachers make accurate judgements about each child’s attainment, and to enable effective moderation of judgements. Seva School will set high expectation gap narrowing targets for Reception pupils.

International Primary Curriculum
The IPC was chosen as the preferred choice of curriculum at KS1–KS2 due to its strong links with a thematic based approach to learning in the EYFS which the school want to follow throughout the curriculum at all Key Stages. It allowsfor pupils to be more involved in planning their own learning through the harvesting of knowledge approach and pupils were encouraged to learn of cultural events and the international community

We will adopt the Singapore Model for teaching Mathematics at KS1-KS3 known as Math in Focus. This approach involves concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world with hands-on experiences, helping children to learn through challenges based on their ability, a key principle of our excellence to nurture to successful learners.

Enhanced National Curriculum at Key Stage 3
KS3 is a 2-year programme of study with KS4 requiring 3 years. The 3 year programme of study for KS4 will give our pupils more time to prepare for external examination at the end of Year 11. The more able pupils will take earlier exams in Year 10 and work on more challenging programmes of study in Year 11.

The enhanced version of the NC at KS3 will prepare pupils for KS4 where they will exceed the expectations of the current English Baccalaureate. The Enhanced NC will be closely linked to the IPC by using the same delivery methods for introducing topics. All pupils will use the knowledge harvest approach to determine what they already know about a topic and what they want to learn

All programmes of study in the enhanced NC at KS3 will start with an exciting topic that will allow for pupils to experience the wow factor as in the IPC. Pupils will also be given opportunities for creative learning, carrying out investigative work and building on life experiences as used in the IPC.