Our Curriculum Statement

We will offer a broad, balanced, exciting and rigorous curriculum which will produce excellent examination results while also creating rounded and morally sound individuals who are prepared for the global challenges that face them.

Seva School will be a high achieving, all-through school from ages 4 to 16, which will espouse the principles and values of the Sikh faith. Seva school will achieve its high expectation aims by creating a school of “Sevaks”; selfless citizens that abide by the four SEVA principles:

Seva – selfless service is a key principle in the Sikh faith. It is an important part of responsible citizenship and it instils a giving nature by removing selfishness and ego. It can be summarised as an attitude of serving without expecting reward.

Excellence - Seva School will develop a reputation as a leader in providing high quality academic teaching that engages pupils for their success. Excellence is achieved through strong collaboration between pupils, teachers and parents/carers. The school will educate to the highest standard by utilising the most appropriate and creative educators, implementing best principles and innovation.

Virtues – Seva School will promote Sikh values to increase the confidence of individuals. These virtues will nurture personal growth, tolerance, sharing and having respect for all. They are all inclusive and universal for the benefit of pupils, staff and parents alike. They form the foundation for rational decisions based on good values and sound thinking.

Aspiration – All pupils at the school will aspire to be the best that they can be in order to contribute to society effectively. Aspirations will not be limited to academic goals but will also include health and relationships.