Active Learning


We believe it is essential to equip pupils with the mind-set and disposition to be good at learning, as this is a life skill and links to achievement, which is a very important objective for the school. Pupils need to act with intelligence when confronted with problems and uncertainties. Seva School will be targeting a section of disadvantaged young people, who as a result of their upbringing are often underdeveloped in this area. We wish to empower our pupils with mental attributes such as persistence and openness to new ideas. They need the skills to act on knowledge, ask the right questions and think critically to confront problems. They also need the ability to deal with and overcome failure, as it too is part and parcel of life. At all stages, pupils of all abilities should experience an appropriate level of challenge, to enable them to achieve their potential. In order to achieve this, we recognise that they should be active in their learning and need to be presented with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their creativity and character.