Seva School Secondary Curriculum Model – September 2018

Six 50 minute lessons per day with 30 over the week and 3 enrichment sessions in an afternoon.


KS3 – Years 7-9

In years 7-9 (KS3) students are studying the following subjects, giving them a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.
o English and math- 4 lessons.
o Science- 5 lessons.
o Geography, history, Spanish, P.E. and religious studies- 2 lessons
o Art, food technology and textiles are on a carousel- 4 lessons.
o Computer science, drama and music- 1 lesson.
o Years 7-9 have 3 one hour sessions of enrichment on an afternoon.
Curriculum model table - KS3


KS4 – Year 10

In year 10 (KS4) all students follow these core subjects :
o English and math- 5 lessons.
o Science- 6 lessons.
o Religious studies- 3 lessons.
Curriculum model table - KS4
Students then have 3 options, each having 3 lessons per week from the following option choices, which include geography or history and Punjabi or Spanish.
o Separate sciences are only being delivered in the enrichment block from September 2018 onwards and will give students an extra GCSE, achieving 3 single science qualifications.
o Year 10 have 3 one hour lessons of enrichment on an afternoon.
Curriculum model table - Option