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All pupils will need to consider what they want to do when they leave school after completing their GCSEs. When pupils reach Key Stage 4 they will need to consider what type of qualifications or training they want to undertake after GCSEs. In this section you will find a variety of sources to help you and your child understand the pathways available Post 16.

An overview of post-16 choices:

Post – 16  resources:

My Choices: An interactive guide offering information about post-16 options with links to further support. Produced by The Careers & Enterprise Company. My Choices Website

Student guide: My Choices – Student Guide

Parent Guide: My Choices – Parent and Carer Guide

My Choices Links : My Choices – Links to support transition


To support pupils in finding information about careers, Year 10 and 11 students are asked to sign up to Springpod using their school email.  Year 11 should have done this last year as we took part in an online event. This is a free service which offers a range of online information and opportunities including access to work experience with companies such as Jaguar. The benefits of Springpod are:

👉 It’s completely free for schools, students and parents

👉 live work experience opportunities with the UK’s top employers 

👉 5,000 apprenticeships covering the whole of the UK

👉 Connect your students with the UK’s leading employers 

👉 Students can browse hundreds of career profiles with labour market information

Barclays Lifeskills

Free platform for your people to register on to access a range of resources including various skills and work experience

Upcoming Events:  

Please have look at the links below to upcoming events. Many are virtual and do require registration.

WCG Warwickshire Virtual Open Events – Nov 2020 poster (1)

Leamington FC Academy A5 2pp-MM_web

University & Apprenticeship Fair 21st October 2020

Year 11 are encouraged to attend the University & Apprenticeship Fair 2020, which this year is virtual.  Here students will explore a range of providers learning about what the entrance requirements and what life will be like at university through webinars.

University & Apprenticeship Virtual Fair 2020 Letter

UK University Apprenticeship Poster


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