Sevak Education Trust aim is to provide an outstanding educational experience for all learners. Learners will be provided with the opportunity to progress onto the next stage of their education with enthusiasm and confidence.

Seva School will look to:

  • Provide the highest quality and unparalleled teaching to community children
  • Provide the best teaching foundation to springboard into higher education
  • Provide excellent moral and ethical teaching to become good citizens
  • Teach respect and help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Provide enhanced after-school, weekend and pre-school and extensive extracurricular activities
  • Help students learning of relevant skills and provide flexibility to parents within the community
  • Promote and actively be involved in community and work experiences

The importance of helping the local community

Seva School will aim to build trust between the school, the children and the community. We are committed to supporting the needs of the community to provide our young people with the best possible start in their education, along with a sound foundation from which to progress to their adult life.

The school will consist of a team of top level educators, leaders and administrators to provide outstanding teaching and personalised learning. There will also be a strong emphasis on charity work, faith inclusions, overcoming barriers in society and helping the needy in the local area and beyond.

By drawing on the teachings of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith, our school will not only provide academic education, it will encompass an underlying message of brotherhood, equality and respect. High morals, discipline, love, compassion and selfless service towards all regardless of faith, gender or colour will be encouraged. The school will embrace a universal, inclusive approach to spirituality, aimed at rekindling a personal, loving and spontaneous relationship with the Divine.

Our school will nurture confidence, empathy, spiritual awareness and integrity in every individual. Students will be encouraged to explore the whole range of their capabilities. They will aspire to achieve success intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Everything that we do, both inside and outside of the classroom will uphold our commitment to ensure that our children leave us fully equipped with knowledge of themselves, of their abilities and of the world they inherit with all of its history and diversity.