The Trustees of Seva School

Our full governing body meets three times per year. There are three sub-committees that report to the full governing body. These are:

1. Finance, Audit & Buildings Committee

2. Personnel, Performance & Safeguarding Committee

3. Strategic Management, Curriculum & Standards Committee

Each of the committees are led by an elected chair from the governing body. Other governors are made members of these committees according to their interests and experience. Here follows an overview of the governors of Seva School.

Maureen Martin – Chair of Governors“My name is Maureen Martin and I am Chair of Governors of Seva School. I am a graduate of Warwick University, a chartered librarian and an EYP, an Early Years Practitioner, a post graduate qualification in early years practice.My middle name Is Dympna a Gaelic name which if the rest of my name does not give a clue, tells you about my Irish ancestry. I am a practising Roman Catholic, convent school educated and bring for this an understanding of faith in young lives and in the families who rear children to aspire to live their lives guided by standards and values, principally in service to others. From 25 years running an independent school in Coventry I have learnt a lot about children of many different faiths. Indeed the link to Seva came through a past parent who was a Sikh who put my name forward to the proposers as someone who might help in the Seva project. Subsequently I joined the proposers at the application interview at the Department for Education in London where we were accepted immediately, not a response that all applicant schools achieved.

I have spent many happy hours at the temporary school site in Tiverton Road, Seva’s temporary home last school year, helping in a wide range of tasks indeed I have overlooked, I realise hours spent in a windowless room at the Sikh Family Centre in Cross Road, Foleshill where plans were formed at countless meetings and where DfE officials sat and over cups of tea outlining all the obstacles ahead and the bureaucracy to be overcome. The time I spent there vanishes into insignificance compared with the founders. I cannot express sufficiently my admiration for the proposers. Their vision of a Sikh faith school in Coventry to address not only a shortage of school places, but also with great dedication, to offer an education based on Sikh values concisely embodied in the Seva acronym, is more than praiseworthy. It is what drew me to the project. Thanks are due to those who formed the Trust Board and to the many members of the Sikh community who assisted and continue to do so behind the scenes in many different and constant ways.

What I enjoyed most of my involvement at Tiverton Road, Seva school’s temporary site was leading assemblies. I was asked to talk to the children about how a Christian celebrates Christmas and Easter. Also I encouraged the children to learn about public service and democracy by introducing a Coventry city councillor to the children. He was delighted to meet Seva school councillors if not a little surprised as the age range then was 4 to 8 years. Subsequently the Year 3 pupils helped the school to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta making most confidently the evident links with British values. I continue this rewarding contribution as a governor at the remarkable new site. A new dimension in assemblies for me is the arrival of the Year 7 pupils. They are good listeners and ask searching questions.

I have enjoyed meeting many parents on numerous occasions at Tiverton Road and at Link House. Some I know from my old school. Please get involved at whatever level you can in the life of Seva School. The school is a community and you are a vital part of that. How many of us have been involved in a school start up? Very few I venture to suggest. The path will not therefore always be smooth but with your help we are building an exceptional school for your children. I have appointed a range of so called Link governors and Mrs Saba Pooni a recently elected parent governor has become our parent link. She is keen to get to know you and will be happy to explore ways that you can assist Seva school develop the best possible all round education for your children.”


Tarsem Singh – Trustee“I am a Director of Solutions overseeing a team of 60 developers and testers in a Global Market Research company that spans over 60 countries.  I head up the delivery of cutting edge software solutions to the leading global brands in the world.  I have over 20 years of experience in delivering technology and I have recruitment experience at all levels, including senior leadership, in both the corporate and the education sector.Qualified in Prince2 Programme and Project Management, I have fully managed large development teams and have delivered parallel multi-million dollar projects to very tight deadlines.  I have also been instrumental in developing global policies and procedures that meet the relevant industrial standards.

My passion for the Sikh Faith extends globally as a lecturer and Sikh preacher and I have delivered lectures to thousands of Sikhs, both young and old, on the more difficult concepts of Gurbani in the Guru Granth Sahib.  I also love Kirtan as it gives me spiritual strength and I have participated in Gurdwara Smagams across many countries. I have been a part of leadership teams and charities that deliver Sikhi technology projects to the Sikh community along with those that run local, national and international spiritual camps for Sikhs.

I am the Chair of the Sevak Education Trust and, with Guru Jee’s Grace,  I have been instrumental in establishing the vision for Seva School from inception and have been involved in all aspects of challenging task of creating a Free School.  A lot has been sacrificed by many in this great Seva to establish the school and I have a deep passion to deliver the original vision that has driven the project from the outset.”


Amarjit Basra – Trustee & Vice Chair of full Governors“I have been privileged to have been involved with the Seva School project from its inception. I am passionate about the school, its vision and our commitment to deliver excellent educational experience.I have a wide ranging experience in private sector and look to bring best practice and industry experience to my role as a governor in the Finance, Audit and Building committee.”


Tarnjit Singh Dhesi – Trustee and Governor responsible for Safeguarding“Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh. My name is Tarnjit Singh, I’m a father of two young daughters. I work part time as a Contract manager where I manage multi million pound supplier contracts into a telecommunications company.  I also have a portfolio of commercial properties that I manage.I am the nominated governor for Safeguarding at Seva School, I am also part of the initial proposer group and a member of the Sevak Education Trust.  I have worked on this project from the beginning working alongside the Education Funding Agency (EFA)  on all site related issues, initially with setting up the lease for the Tiverton Rd site and the refurbishment works required  as well as sourcing, purchasing and the refurbishing of our current site on Eden Rd.  I continue to work with the EFA and Coventry Council as we move to our next phase which is the purchase of our neighbouring building (Ashford house) and the design of the new build element in phase 3.

As the lead governor for Safeguarding I also sit as the Chair of the personnel performance and Safeguarding sub-committee.  I take my role very seriously as the safeguarding of our children is of primary of importance.  Since taking on this role I have gone on to complete training in Safeguarding level 1 & 2 as well as Safer recruitment, bullying and Internet safety. Currently I’m studying towards obtaining Safeguarding level 3 qualifications.  I am also a member of the Health and Safety working group within the school.

All in all I have spent the last six years working tirelessly to create a beacon school that follows our vision based on the teachings of Sikhism, though this has meant vast amounts of time away from my family it’s been worth it to see the children progressing in the school.”


Also;Dalbara Singh Grewal– Trustee

Mandeep Singh Sahota – Trustee


Sunny Singh Heer – Governor“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ka Fateh, my name is Sunny Singh Heer and I am a Governor on the Finance, Audit & Buildings Committee. I am a Chartered Accountant and when I first heard about plans to open Seva School, I was keen to volunteer and participate my Seva by putting my skills and knowledge to good use, and assist the School on its journey. I think it is fair to say it has definitely been a journey so far, one that has been thoroughly enjoyable and very rewarding. Challenging the finances, providing support, developing processes and having a brain ache over the figures has definitely been worth it, especially when you walk through the new School premises and are taken aback by the friendly warm feeling from both staff and the children.Away from work and supporting Seva School, I am a keen fitness fanatic. In recent years I have managed to complete the Coventry Half Marathon on 3 occasions and I hope to be successful and enter the London Marathon in 2017. Having a very young family I try to cram in as much into the weekend as possible with my wife and little ones. From playing in the park, to swimming, regular attendance at Coventry City Football Club home matches and enjoying the delights of different foods of the world. I feel it is very important to keep that tight family unit and I thoroughly enjoy catching up with all family members in my spare time. I look forward on continuing on this exciting journey with Seva School that we are all involved in.”


Dr Amarjit Johal – Parent Governor“I am a Parent Governor and member of the Personnel, Performance and Safeguarding Committee.  I am also the link governor for personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education at Seva School.  Since my daughter joined Seva School, I have been impressed by the dedication of staff in providing a stimulating and ambitious learning environment.  There are many challenges ahead, but given how much has been achieved over the last year, I am confident that Seva will be an outstanding school.I am a GP living and working in Coventry.  Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family.  For recreation, I enjoy reading, watching movies and travel.  I am also involved in charitable work.”