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Username and Password Format

Student email/username format is: Firstname.Lastname@seva.coventry.sch.uk – Example: joe.bloggs@seva.coventry.sch.uk (all lowercase)

Student password format is: FirstnameInitialLastnameInitial@ddmmyy – Example: JB@010212 (ALL UPPERCASE, not dots, no spaces, ddmmyy=DateOfBirth 6 digits)

ICT Helpdesk

If you are having problems with ICT then please check to see if your issue can be solved using the FAQ below, this section will be updated over time depending upon issues that arise during our Home Learning Experience.

If you cant find an answer in the FAQs then please email: helpdesk@seva.coventry.sch.uk with your childs full name and year group along with a description of your issue. Please give as much detail as you can about your issue and we shall try our upmost to support you

Please allow upto 48hrs for a response.

EXCITING NEWS – LogMeIn Rescue (remote assitance)

We now have access to some remote support software that will allow us to connect to your devices to help you get connected. For anyone that is struggling please contact email: helpdesk@seva.coventry.sch.uk with your childs full name and year group along with a description of your issue. We can then reply back via email and give you a number to call so that we can provide you with the details to get connected together remotely (you may need to install a small piece of software or an app first but this will be easy) once connected we will be able to see your device and with your permission, if needed, take remote control over it to allow us to help you to the best of our abilities.


If 2 or more users are using Microsoft Office365 and using the same computer and login it can cause issues with allowing other users logon.

The solutions available are:

  1. install a 2nd internet browser so that each user can use a seperate browser to login
  2. use your current browsers incognito mode, this is different depending on your browser so please use google to search for the answer

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