What is a free school?

Free Schools are all-ability state-funded schools set up in response to what local people say they want and need in order to improve education for children in their community.

The right school can transform a child’s life and help them achieve things they may never have imagined. Through the Free Schools programme it is now much easier for talented and committed teachers, charities, parents and education experts to open schools to address real demand within an area

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What are the benefits of opening a Free School?

Here are some of the benefits of having a Free School:

It will give parents a choice of school for their children to attend from age 4 -16.
It will alleviate the pressure on existing schools which will need a rapid expansion to cope with demand
A community hub will be created that will offer services, opportunities and activities that are not currently available in the city
It will create an efficiently managed city school of around 1000 pupils, which in turn will create jobs in the School and in associated businesses and services.
There has been a trend to relocate from local areas in order to obtain better schooling. A high quality school will attract families to the areas rather than force them to relocate.

Do free schools exist in other countries?

Similar schools exist in the United States and in Sweden. In these countries, non-profit, as well as profit-making groups, can set up schools funded by the government, but free from its control. These schools are called Charter Schools in the US.

How will free schools be regulated?

They will be subject to inspections by England’s schools watchdog, Ofsted, just as other schools are.
Their academic results at Key Stage 2 (primary national curriculum tests), Key Stage 4 – GCSE and A-level results will be published in league tables annually, just like those of other state schools.

When do you plan to open the school?

Seva School Coventry will open in September 2014. We are still working towards having other applications (Ilford, Nottingham, Birmingham) accepted and will update you as soon as we have any news.

Who is funding your school?

The capital funding for the school is made available by the Government for Free Schools.

What ages will you enroll in September 2014?

Initial plans are to start with provision for Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 for Primary. The secondary school will open in 2015 with Years 7 and 8.

Will you be following the National Curriculum?

Yes. Our curriculum will ensure that every child reaches their full potential. We will also enhance our offering by having many extra-curricular activities.

My child is currently a pupil at another school. Will I be able to move her/him to Seva School?

Yes, as long as there are places available. As a parent you have the choice to send your child to whichever school you choose.

Is the School legally designated as a Sikh school or Sikh religious character Designated School?

The school has been set up as an Sikh Faith Designated school.

Will you only employ Sikh teachers?

No. We are going to employ people who are good at what they do. We will not discriminate on the basis of anyone’s faith. It will be important that Seva School recruits and retains the finest teachers. Many teachers have already approached us to help in the detailed planning stage of the school and to apply for roles as it opens. It is important for us to have competent teachers who will help raise achievement. Staff that has the appropriate skills and experience will have been recruited by the time the School opens in September 2014.

Will all staff at the School be CRB checked?

Safeguarding children will be paramount to everything that we do at Seva Sikh School. It is the legal duty upon all schools, Academies and Free Schools to safeguard children. There is a mandatory requirement to carry out CRB checks on every member of staff who is in direct contact with children. We can confirm that all of our staff, including teachers, support staff, security, governors and anyone else who will be in contact with children will go through this process.

As a non-Sikh why would I want to send my child to your school?

There are many reasons why you should send your child to Seva School. One of the most important reasons is that a fundamental goal at Seva School is to raise achievement using proven but innovative methods. These standards will be set within a framework that focuses on achievement through outstanding teaching. The School will be centered around pupils to ensure that they receive education of the highest quality.
The school will also offer flexibility, since parents can ask for their child to be opted-out of the Sikh Studies.
All pupils who attend the school will have access to an extensive and extended services program to help them develop outside the classroom. This is an important aspect of the school since it will create rounded individuals that are disciplined, confident, socially aware and real contributors to British society.

Will this school have a major impact on local schools?

The statistics from the DfE show that the school population is growing in Coventry. We feel that the creation of Seva School will help take some of this burden off the Local Authority. Seva School will create more choice for parents and our initial and strong feedback is that a school is more than welcome.
We do realize that creating a school in a city will impact other local schools. However, we believe healthy competition will encourage other schools to improve and innovate to drive up standards locally. This can only benefit the children in Coventry.

Will you work in collaboration with local schools?

Yes. Our aim is to work with the local schools from the start. We have also established firm links with schools in other cities around the country. We aim to work together to create a school that results in success for the local children by adopting best practices and applying combined experiences.

Will Seva School have parent governors?

Yes, like any school in the state system the governing body will include parents, staff and other members of the community.

Will you test pupils before they are admitted to your School?

No, there will not be an admissions test. We are bound by the School Admissions Code set by the DfE.

How will you support Special Education Needs children?

We will have a full time SENCO who will liaise with relevant departments to help support pupils. This support will include drawing up Individual Education Plans, one to one support, use of agency support (where appropriate) and other varying classroom strategies. Each child is unique, so we will apply flexible strategies that vary depending on the need of the child.

My child has special needs that are currently supported by the local authority and their school. Would this continue at Seva School?

Yes, since special needs funding follows the child, any child with special needs will receive exactly the same amount of funding at a free school as they would at any other state school. The money comes directly from central Government and not the LEA.

How much will it cost me to send my children to this school?

Seva School will be a state-funded educational establishment and there will be no charge for the education provided.

Will pupils have to wear a uniform at Seva School?

Yes. We will be consulting with parents to establish a practical, easy to care for and affordable uniform.

How do I register my interest?

At the moment we are gathering demand for the school, to register your interest please visit the register your interest page