Outline of the School Curriculum


Below you will find links to this years curriculum maps and also an outline of individual subjects.


Curriculum Maps



Primary curriculum


Reception Curriculum Map:  Reception Curriculum Map 2017 – 2018


Year 1 Curriculum Map:  Year 1 Curriculum Map 2017-18


Year 2 Curriculum Map:  Year 2 Curriculum Map 2017 -2018


Year 3 Curriculum Map:  Year 3 Curriculum Map 2017-18


Year 4 Curriculum Map:  Year 4 Curriculum Map 2017-18


Year 5 Curriculum Map:  Year 5 Curriculum Map 2017-18


Year 6 Curriculum Map:  Year 6 Curriculum Map 2017-18



Primary: IPC Curriculum IPC Curriculum Overview


Primary: English Curriculum English Medium term plan 2017-2018


Primary: Maths Curriculum EYFS:  Early Years Maths Curriculum Map


Primary: Maths Curriculum KS1:  KS1 Maths Curriculum Map


Primary: Maths Curriculum KS2:  KS2 Maths Curriculum Map


Primary: PE  Key stage 1 and 2 PE


Primary RE  RE LTP



Secondary Subjects


English:  English


Mathematics: Mathematics


Science:  Science curriculum


Geography:  Geography


History: KS3 History Curriculum Map


Computer Science:Computer Science


Music:  Music


Panjabi: Punjabi Keystage 3 & 4


Spanish:  Curriculum Plan_Spanish


Drama: Drama


PE:  Seva Secondary PE Plan


RE:  RE Curriculum


Design Technology:  Curriculum map for Design Technology


Art and Design:   Curriculum map for KS34 Art and Design


Food Technology:  Food Technology


Business Studies: Updated Business Studies curriculum map 2017



Other Primary Subjects:


ICT:  ICT Overview


PSHE: PSHE Overview