The whole of year 10 had the opportunity to attend an inaugural event organised by Gener- ation Medics. The ‘UK Aspiring Healthcare Professionals Conference’ brought together volunteers from across the healthcare industry to provide secondary pupils with advice from professionals who are working and training in this sector. Students were able to try out interactive activities checking breathing and blood pressure, taking an ECG reading

and making plaster casts. They were able to speak to physiotherapists, GPs and medical students, a range of nurses, Dentists including trainees, university representatives, scien- tists and listen to talks from leading members of NHS England such as Baroness Dido Har- ding, who currently heads NHS England.

Students found the event interesting (see comments below) and were thrilled to learn

about careers and different ways to fund theirs studies such as through apprenticeships and sponsorship pro- grammes such as the Royal Navy full paid routes into this health sector. The feedback from exhibitors was very positive – the neuroscientist was impressed with the students who asked him interesting questions about his

research into the brain; the medical students running the application process stall was extremely happy with our students, how they explored what they needed to do to apply to institutions. Well done to our Year 10 who represented Seva School brilliantly!

“The experience was really good and I learned about the many opportunities and apprenticeships” “It was interesting and there were many things I learnt that I did not know about before.”

“The practical work was fun and I would recommend this event as it was good to learn so many things.”

“They gave us good advice on what we could do in the future if we wanted to join the NHS.”

“There were a wide variety of jobs and gave us the opportunity to ask questions about our career.”