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Our Vision

Seva school will deliver excellent educational development through a framework that supports the wellbeing of all. This will be underpinned by the principles and teachings of the Sikh faith. We will adopt and instil the SEVA core principles:

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Virtues
  • Aspiration

Our School will provide an inspiring and stimulating learning environment, while fostering harmony between spirituality and secularity. We will seek to achieve the best morally, socially and intellectually in an ethos promoting tolerance and mutual understanding.

Seva School will develop and use a range of innovative and creative educational resources, including online materials which are children-friendly and incorporate a fusion of technology in teaching.

The Trust

The Sevak Education Trust was formed to create  Free Schools that are underpinned by the Sikh Faith. The Trust consists of educational, financial, marketing and legal experts along with parents and businessmen from the local area.

Our view is that a high quality, sound education is the vital ingredient to improving young people’s life chances. It enables them to progress into adulthood with the skills and confidence that they need for success.

This is only possible if vision has an understanding of what a good school really is. 

  • A good school must provide wholeness in order to achieve this.
  • A good school is one that looks after the most vulnerable so that everyone has his or her own dignity.
  • A good school is one that expects its pupils to show wide ambition and strength in their spiritual life, their intellect, their extra-curricular activities and their games.
  • A good school makes its pupils look outwards so they learn through their experience of how people live and work in their own country and the European and global markets.
  • Such an outlook takes away arrogance and replaces it with true confidence, the confidence that sees change as an opportunity rather than a threat and thus prepares pupils for the rapidly involving world that awaits them.
  • Our vison and approach offers this wholeness, a wholeness in which a child’s individuality prospers but always to the benefit of the community, in the spirit of selflessness service or “Seva”.

The principles underpinning the vision of the Sevak Education Trust

By drawing on the teachings of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith, our schools will not only provide academic education, they will encompass an underlying message of brotherhood, equality and respect. High morals, discipline, love, compassion and selfless service towards all regardless of faith, gender or colour will be encouraged. The schools will embrace a universal, inclusive approach to spirituality, aimed at rekindling a personal, loving and spontaneous relationship with the Divine.
The Three Basic Principles of Sikhism are:

  • Naam Japnaa– To meditate on the Divine Name with love and devotion.
  • Kirat Karnee – To work hard and honestly with dignity and labour.
  • Vand Ke Shaknaa – To share what you have with the deprived and needy

Our Ethos

The ethos of Seva School will be grounded in the Sikh faith. Inspired by Sikh values, it will actually have a great deal in common with other faiths as they are based on universally accepted values. These are included in our inclusive and egalitarian approach to all things. Seva School will ensure that our educators and learners are instinctively exercising these values in every decision, action and thought. We are confident that excellence can be constituted in a unique and strong partnership between committed pupils, parents and passionate staff. Parents can be rest assured that Seva School will be the catalyst that provides their children with the best tools to achieve their full potential and become outstanding members of society.

A Faith School for All

An important feature of the Sikh faith is tolerance and that that it does not seek converts. This is clearly set out within the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scriptures of the Sikhs. Therefore it is astonishingly apparent that when one reads from the Guru Granth, one finds not a message for Sikhs alone, but a message for all. The universality of Sikh scriptures explicitly shows that it is based on the human condition which can evidently be applied to all. The philosophical underpinnings of the Sikh Scriptures are fundamentally related to what can be experienced as individuals as well as a community.


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